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S800 Driver

The “Brand New” S800 Driver features a modern profile head shape coupled with a neutral set up and geared for the better player. With its “Dual Deep Berth Crown” and “Fastback Style Sole” the rearward center of gravity is moved further back for higher launch and lower spin resulting in maximum speed, carry and distance. The S800 Wood Series will also include a fairway wood and hybrid sharing the same design characteristics.


  • Neutral face angle for the better player
  • Fastback design for lower and deeper CG
Club Loft Lie Weight Volume Face Club Swing
1 9 57.5 202 460cc 58mm 44.75″ D2
1 10.5 57.5 202 460cc 57.5mm 44.75″ D2
1 12 57.5 202 460cc 57mm 44.75″ D2
Inside Diameter: 8.6mm
Outside Diameter: 12.5mm
Bore Depth: 35mm
Bulge: 10 inch
Roll: 12 inch
Face Angle: H 0.5
Materials & Finish
Face: Beta Ti 15-3-3-3
Body: 6-4 Titanium
Finish Paint: Black